Employment Program Gives Community Renewed Hope


Three years ago this month, the Jobs-Plus program launched at Mill Brook Houses, a public housing complex in Mott Haven. The evidenced-based employment program incorporates financial empowerment, education and training, and civic engagement activities to empower residents within the community and connect them with employment opportunities. The program has made such a positive impact that the City has renewed the $3 million contract for another three years!

This program is particularly important in a community where the unemployment rate is 16% and low educational attainment has made finding —and keeping— stable employment is a challenge for so many residents.

East Side House takes a unique approach to workforce development, by promoting community-wide support for work by capitalizing on public housing residents’ informal social networks in supporting one another in maintaining employment. .

To date, Jobs-Plus has enrolled 1,900 participants, assisting over 475 residents in securing employment. Through April the program offered free tax preparation services, also assisting participants in the financial planning of their tax returns, such as debt repayment, personal savings, and budgeting for their child’s education. By April 18th, Tax Day, 175 community members had received tax services through the program.

We look forward to the next three years serving the Mill Brook Houses community!