A trusted community resource, East Side House offers a continuum of programs to residents of the South Bronx and surrounding communities, ranging from early childhood programs to programs for senior citizens. Below is an overview of East Side House’s program areas.

Early Childhood

East Side House’s Early Childhood programs provide a safe, supportive, vibrant educational environment to children 2-5 years of age and their parents. The comprehensive program addresses all areas of a child’s development: physical, mental, social and emotional. Children and families receive a broad range of educational, nutritional, preventive health and social services, as well as transition services to public school placements.

Elementary School

East Side House’s Elementary School programs offer preventive, remedial and enrichment services to children in kindergarten through 7th grade. Offered in school and community-based settings, the programs enhance a child’s academic and social skills by providing supplementary educational, cultural and recreational activities and events after school.

Middle School

East Side House provides afterschool program services to 450 students at 5 schools through the Mayor’s School’s Out NYC (SONYC) initiative. Our team provides academic, recreational and cultural activities designed to promote leadership and academic achievement.

High School

East Side House has programs in several New York City Department of Education high schools. These programs provide customized student support services and skill-building opportunities that lead to graduation and college enrollment and/or employment. In some cases, the programs provide opportunity for career preparation through paid internships and/or trade certification.

Young Adult Education

East Side House’s Youth and Adult Education Services program helps young adults aged 17 to 24 who are not in school connect with their educational and vocational goals. The program offers pre-HSE and HSE (high school equivalency) classes, HSE testing, college preparation, retention services and job preparation assistance.

Senior Citizens

East Side House’s Senior Citizens program provides adults 60 years of age or older in the community with opportunities for community participation, recreation and personal achievement. The program offers a congregate meal program and educational activities that address cultural diversity, health and safety.

Social Services

East Side House’s Social Services program helps the children and families of the South Bronx break the cycle of poverty by providing benefits assistance, counseling and case management services to individuals who are already enrolled in East Side House programs. 

Community Technology

East Side House’s Community Technology program integrates computer technology as a learning tool in all of East Side House’s programs. It has a Technology Center equipped with state-of-the-art computers and software packages in order to provide Internet access and computer classes to children and adults. In addition, the program offers specialized trainings that lead to certification in Microsoft Office applications, Microsoft Office Specialist and A+.

Financial Education

East Side House partners with Start Small, Think Big, Inc. to bring financial counseling and other asset-building programming to East Side House program participants and other residents of the Bronx. The Financial Education program includes a combination of services ranging from personal and business financial counseling to legal services in the areas of small business, credit and consumer debt.