Early Childhood

East Side House’s Early Childhood programs provide preschool and day care services in a safe, supportive, educational environment for children ages 2-5. The programs include a family services component that works with parents and guardians to assist in meeting the needs of the entire family. Children and families receive a broad range of educational, nutritional and preventive health services; social services; and transitional services to public schools.

Head Start/Day Care

The Head Start/Day Care program works to ensure that all facets of a child’s development – physical, mental, social, and emotional — are enhanced to their fullest potential. Head Start/Day Care includes the Universal Pre-Kindergarten program in collaboration with the Board of Education which provides preschool services for children four years of age. Click here to learn more about Head Start/Day Care and Universal Pre-Kindergarten.

How to Apply

For Head Start/Day Care, Universal Pre-Kindergarten and related family services, please contact Dawn Heyward, Deputy Director of Early Childhood, at (718) 292-5335.