Social Services

East Side House’s Social Services program helps children and families enrolled in East Side House’s programs to break the cycle of poverty by providing the assistance needed to overcome obstacles and improve their lives.

What We Offer

  • Intake/Assessment to determine the level or type of service needed.
  • Counseling to individual students and/or their families, both on a short-term and long-term basis.
  • Case Management to address financial, housing and other needs.
  • Mental Health Referrals to address more severe mental health issues with access to psychotherapy.
  • Access to Child Care either within East Side House’s programs or in a similar program.
  • Parenting Skills Workshops designed to relieve stressors, particularly for parents who are students.
  • Financial Literacy/Benefits Counseling including access to public benefits (e.g. food stamps) and provision of pro bono legal services.
  • General Referrals to other complementary services.
  • Advocacy with outside agencies.
  • Accompaniment Services to agencies, hospitals, shelters and courts.
  • Emergency Funds including transportation, rent arrears, furniture, utility bills, clothing, groceries, college entrance and other fees.
  • Community Workshops/Projects to address overarching issues as needed.

Locations and Hours

The Social Services program meets at the following locations:

  • East Side House’s Administrative Headquarters at 337 Alexander Avenue, Bronx, NY.
  • Other locations by appointment.

The program runs by appointment from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday through Friday.

How to Apply

If you or your child or other family member is enrolled in any East Side House program and you are in need of assistance, please contact Miguel Orta, Deputy Director of Social Services, at (718) 665-5250 ext. 238 and you will be guided with the referral process. Clients are selected only through referral by East Side House staff and partnering agencies.