School-Based Programs

PS 179

PS 179 is a New York City Department of Education elementary school. East Side House provides an after-school program in the school for students in kindergarten through 5th grade. The program offers academic enrichment, arts programming, literacy services, homework help, structured recreation and specialized activities. The program also has a parental engagement component. Learn more about PS 179.

Bronx Design and Construction Academy

The Bronx Design and Construction Academy is a NYC DOE Career and Technical Education School that prepares high school students for careers in the building trades in addition to offering a college prep curriculum. As a partner, East Side House provides attendance outreach, counseling services and credit accumulation support to students. Graduates of the program receive a trade certification as well as a high school diploma. Learn more about the Bronx Design and Construction Academy.

Bronx Haven High School

Bronx Haven High School, a partnership between the New York City Department of Education and East Side House Settlement since 2008, is a transfer school that serves students who are between the ages of 16 and 21 and are overage and under-credited for their grade level and are at risk of dropping out. The school offers students an individualized, rigorous, accelerated education leading to graduation and college application or employment, plus opportunity for career preparation through paid internships. Learn more about Bronx Haven High School.

High School for Excellence & Innovation

The High School for Excellence and Innovation is the first NYC DOE partnership for East Side House outside of the Bronx. It is an attendance improvement/drop-out prevention program that provides targeted support to overage and under-credited students coming out of middle school. To enter the program, students must have repeated at least one grade in elementary or middle school. East Side House provides advisory groups, counseling services, academic enrichment and parent support to students and families to help students attend and excel in school. Learn more about the High School for Excellence and Innovation.

Mott Haven Community High School

Mott Haven Community High School, a new program in East Side House’s partnership with the New York City Department of Education, is a transfer school for overage and under-credited youth at serious risk of dropping out of high school. Paid internships are available to students in the program, as well as a transitional bilingual education program for those who are English language learners. Learn more about Mott Haven Community High School.

Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School

Mott Haven Village Prep (MHVP) is a New York City Department of Education high school operated in collaboration with East Side House. At MHVP, a dynamic curriculum provides powerful learning opportunities and unique support services to help students in grades 9-12 become college-ready and self-assured. Since its inception in 2002, the school has achieved a graduation rate of close to 90% and over 90% of its graduates have gained admission to college. Learn more about Mott Haven Village Prep.

School for Tourism and Hospitality

The School for Tourism and Hospitality is a New York City Department of Education Career and Technical Education school where East Side House will provide the wrap-around social supports related to attendance, individual counseling, and academic advising to students. East Side House will also provide internships and career opportunities for students in partnership with the school and outside organizations. Learn more about the School for Tourism and Hospitality.

Smith Campus Young Adult Borough Center (YABC)

The Smith Campus Young Adult Borough Center, also a program in partnership with the New York City Department of Education, serves students who are in their fifth or sixth year of high school who need only an additional semester or two to graduate. Students receive a diploma from their home school after they have earned all their credits and passed the required exams. Classes are held in the late afternoon and evening five days a week, with academic support available on the weekends. East Side House provides paid internships, counseling support and relevant workshops to help students achieve their educational and vocational goals. Learn more about YABC.

How to Apply

Eligibility criteria vary from program to program. With general questions about East Side House’s school-based programs, please contact Natalie Lozada, Deputy Director of School Partnerships and Advocacy, at (718) 665-5250.