Career Fair Draws a Crowd


Earlier this year, East Side House’s employment program, Jobs-Plus, was renewed for the next three years. Tremendously successful, this place-based program differs from other employment programs in that is was designed to serve residents in public housing communities. Public housing developments, in contrast with the surrounding neighborhoods they occupy, see much higher rates of unemployment and lower educational attainment levels. Knowing that many residents share an experience of defeat and isolation when tirelessly job seeking without much success, Jobs-Plus staff skillfully address this by bringing the jobs to them.

On October 25, over fifteen community-based organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions came on site to Mitchel Community Center, a meeting ground and recreational space that serves hundreds of neighborhood residents. There was something for everyone, including local colleges, beauty schools, and non-profits, for those seeking additional education, training, and resources. The line to enter the building wrapped around Alexander Avenue, with an estimated 200-plus community members attending the event. Last year, Jobs-Plus placed 319 community members into jobs. 

See photos from the day: