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Fun With Finances

East Side House believes education can open doors of limitless possibilities and create a better future by uplifting individuals out of poverty. As a way to educate students at our Mill Brook Afterschool Program about finances, we partnered with Neuberger Bergman to help them understand the importance of having a budget, spending money responsibly, and saving money in a “Financial Fun” literacy session.

Guided by 10 enthusiastic Neuberger Berman volunteers, students participated in exercises and activities that taught the basics of counting money, saving and planning for a trip to the store, making change, learning key financial terms… and very competitive round of Financial Jeopardy!

All the students had great fun and learned the value of money and importance of spending it wisely. We would like to thank David Portny and Marc Edmond for their continued support in all our programs. East Side House is extremely grateful for Neuberger Bermans’s long-time commitment to our partnership—and always providing a fun day for our students!

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