Team East Side House Counts Down to Marathon Sunday


As 2016 comes to an end, we reflect on an incredible year of milestones, opportunity, and new beginnings.

On Sunday, November 6, 2016, five dedicated young men and women will make the 26.2 mile journey across the five boroughs alongside thousands from all over the world. Together they make up Team East Side House. These young professionals from across the New York City area have trained and fundraised tirelessly to support our vision: that youth, regardless of the circumstances they were born into, deserve a quality education and chance at success.

This past Thursday evening, Team East Side House took their dedication to another level by making the trek to Lehman High School, site of  our Lehman YABC program. They were greeted by a group of student ambassadors, who shared their personal stories about how East Side House has affected their lives, to give further testimony to the work that our runners have helped support. 

But the Team ESH Runners also came with messages  of their own for the students:


“This Marathon is a lot like life: it isn’t a sprint, it’s a journey. If you only think about where you are now and how much further you have to go, you get discouraged. Enjoy the journey, the experience in getting to that goal,” Zamian, a first time Marathon runner shared.

His teammate, Rudy chimed in:


“Don’t look at somebody and think, ‘Wow, he’s so much further ahead of me,’ because you don’t know what it took him or her to get to that point. You have to do things at your own pace. If I try to run at somebody else’s pace or focus on how much further ahead somebody else is than I am, I’ll burn out.”

When speaking about why they chose to join Team ESH, all members remarked that our mission to provide educational opportunities to youth resonated with them. Stanley, a longtime friend of Rudy’s, says that he and Rudy decided to join Team East Side House because they could see themselves in the students we serve and remarked that his journey as a young man wasn’t drastically different than theirs: 


“I’m of both Black and Latino descent. Thankfully, I had the support of a few people who really made a difference for me. It was those people who pushed me to be where I am today,” he shared with a Regents Prep class. 

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Join us in wishing our runners luck this coming Sunday!