The Team That Plays Together, Stays Together

Earlier this month, East Side House staff members rose before the crack of dawn. Arriving at ESH as the sun began to appear, they wearily loaded onto buses to make the two hour trek to Club Getaway in Kent, Connecticut.

April 17th was East Side House’s Fifth Annual Staff Retreat. Staff members from ESH’s nearly thirty program sites, many of whom had never met prior to that day, joined forces to compete against each other in a series of extreme and traditional team sports. Brave staffers scaled 25′ walls, leaping off the wooden platforms and speeding away into the distance on ziplines while others preferred to catapult into the air like rubber bands while their colleagues looked on. The participants, all full-time staff members,  spent nearly twelve hours getting to know their co-workers through a series of structured fun activities, meals, and bus rides. 

Part of the East Side House employment experience is building camaraderie among colleagues— both in and outside of the office. By bonding over a game of dodgeball or trusting colleagues to hoist you sky-high into a bungee swing or by sharing a meal, the relationships formed carry over into the workplace. When we operate as a team, we’re able to ensure that we are able to provide our communities with the best service possible, connecting them to a comprehensive menu of holistic resources across the agency.