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Over 80 Years of Experience

With a combined 80 years of experience with professional backgrounds in education, social work, and organizational leadership, our team works to meet the challenges of our work with dynamic commitment. Lead by an active Board of committed individuals, their unique blend of expertise and community-based knowledge, has facilitated East Side House’s emergence as a leading service provider for New York City’s most vulnerable communities.

Daniel Diaz

Daniel Diaz became the Executive Director of East Side House Settlement (ESH) in January 2017; having previously served on ESH’s Executive Leadership Team since 2008. Since joining ESH in 2004, he has held multiple roles overseeing the agency’s school and community-based programs that provide lifelong learning services throughout the Bronx and northern Manhattan. Prior to his tenure at ESH, his work centered on services for at-risk and homeless youth throughout New York City. Mr. Diaz, born and raised in the Bronx, uses his personal awareness of this community to help steer the organization and serve the unique needs of its diverse population.


Thomas H. Remien


Thaddeus Gray

Vice Presidents

Wendy Holmes

Dolores O’Brien Miller


Richard E. Kolman


Marvena St. Agathe

Lorri Ahl

Lucinda Ballard

Courtney Booth Christensen

Stephanie B. Clark

Debra Del Vecchio 

Ramona Dessouki

William S. Elder

Fay Gambee

Barclay G. Jones, III

Maureen Kerr

Stephen J. Ketchum

George G. King

Christopher LaSusa

Michael R. Lynch

Robert L. Meyer

Janet Mora

Hon. Eugene Oliver, Jr.

Robert Pondiscio

Caroline Portny Beshara

Elizabeth Donnem Sigety

Mrs. Charles F. Smithers

Steven Thompson

Philip L. Yang, Jr.

Honorary Members

Robert F.R. Ballard*

Mrs. Roland W. Donnem

Christine Janis

*Past President

Executive Leadership

Associate Executive Director of Operations

Khris Harrison

Associate Executive Director of Programs

Natalie Lozada

Director of Development

Laura Daley