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Career Fair 2018

The 2018 Career Fair was held on November 1st at Mitchel Community Center, and was East Side House’s largest career fair ever. The fair attracted over 35 employers from the maintenance, health care, social services, transportation, government, and technology sectors and attracted 200 attendees.

Four years ago, Jobs-Plus first began hosting this annual Career Fair. For students and community members seeking employment, this became a vital way to connect to a whole host of opportunities in the workforce. For many participants, this is their first chance to have face to face with potential hiring companies and agencies all in one place. Among the participants were school students, participants of Jobs-Plus, and members of the Patterson, Mitchel, Mill Brook, and Mott Haven community centers.

Jobs-Plus is a workforce development program that helps working-age residents find employment and, focusing on long-term employment and financial stability. Hosting an annual Career Fair is central to the mission of East Side House Settlement, explains Department Director of Jobs-Plus Mustafa Tabakovic, because “providing workforce development allows people to gain employment to become self-sufficient.”

As candidates walked from table to table speaking with employers, distributing resumes, and marketing themselves to potential jobs, the future was a direct part of the conversation. “Employers love coming to the Career Fair,” explains Mustafa. “They are always wondering if there are more. We love this chance to connect job seekers with potential jobs. ”